Okan Uçkun


• Being one of the pioneers in his specialties, Okan Uçkun is primarily doing minimal and linework. Born in 1986, Okan, always seeked out the flawless with all kinds of styles in which he focused, and with that attitude he took, he believes that the tattoo is a completion of self through grasping impeccable motion & action. Actively working in fields such as; videoart, photography, plastic arts, design and architecture, and having several exhibitions in these fields. 

2014 Agustus - 'the vandallist' 

Tur Takvimi:
• 19 - 23 Mart Avusturya 'Viena
• 15 - 19 Mayıs Yunanistayn 'Atina
• 07 - 10 Agustos Berlin Tattoo Convention
• 11 - 15 Agustos Almanya 'Berlin AKA Berlin Tattoo Studio 



• 2012 İstanbul Tattoo Convention Oldschool, Traditional 1.si 
• 2014 İstanbul Tattoo Convention Oldschool, Traditional 3.sü 
• Koblenz Tattoo Convention (Almanya), Best Of Show 3.sü 

• 24.Berlin Tattoo Convention (Almanya), Ornomentic 3.sü


Studyo: Golden Arrow

Caferağa Mah. Miralay Nazım Sok.
No:21/1 Kadıköy İSTANBUL

0216 337 77 18

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